Baby Boomer Fitness Challenge

Helping You LIve A Better Life

Baby Boomer Fitness Challenge - Helping You LIve A Better Life

Stretching: Stretching the Abdominals

To begin Stretching the Abdominals lie flat on your workout mat or other comfortable surface, arms fully extended and toes pointed directly behind you.

Then with palms flat on the floor, fingers pointed forward, slowly arch your back bringing one hand toward your body and placing it firmly on the floor, then with the other hand with fingertips at about where the base of the other hands palm is, place it firmly on the floor. Continue by alternating hands until you feel a good stretch in the abdominals and the external obliques.

DO NOT over-arch your back! The focus is on stretching the abdominals, midsection of your torso.

Caution: This is not a stretching exercise to be done if you have any type of medical condition to your back and/or lumbar region. Consult your medical professional for exercises if you have any type of back condition.

Stretching: Stretching the Abdominals

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Once you have raised yourself to a comfortable stretching position, with hands firmly planted on the floor, breath slowly and deeply for a count of 10, one good inhale, feel the stretch, then slowly exhale. Proceed to lower yourself to your starting position by placing one hand then the other firmly on the floor in the reverse manner as you raised yourself, one hand after the other, to a lying position. Repeat 5 to 10 times, and then relax your torso for at least 30 seconds.

Advanced Stretching the Abdominals:

After you have been doing this stretching exercise for a couple weeks, you may add the slight, and slight means an inch or two, of rotating the shoulder one way, holding for count of ten as above, then the other to feel additional stretching in the external obliques.

Important:  Maintain your focus, feel the stretch in the abdominals, that is the only portion of your body you want to be stretching at this time.

As your abdominals are worked and stretched throughout the day, and in most every sport, this is an excellent stretch to start your day and any exercise session with.

Stretching the Abdominals muscles stretched:

  • Primarily, the upper and lower abdominals, and the external obliques

Benefits of Stretching the Abdominals

  1. Helps strengthen and tighten the abdominal muscles group
  2. Assists in abdominal flexibility
  3. The strengthening of the abdominals will give you better overall balance
  4. Warms up your abdominal muscles prior to exercises
  5. Stretches and loosens abdominals post exercises.

Baby Boomer Fitness Challenge

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